Nymet valves

World Leader in Design and Production of Customised OEM Valves

About Us

Our Business originated in Australia during the 1960’s manufacturing OEM valves for domestic appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

New manufacturing facility Over the years the range has expanded to include valves for many industries and applications.
Acquired by Nymet in the year 2000, we continue the tradition of quality manufacturing as a specialist niche market manufacturer.

In 2008 we proudly opened an additional manufacturing facility in Singapore. This facility has an annual production capacity of one million valves.

With our in-house design engineering team from Europe, Australia and Asia, Nymet can design, prototype and manufacture customised valves with significantly reduced lead-times.


So whether you require a standard valve from our existing range, or a fully customised OEM valve, Nymet is your quality partner.