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Dual Check Valve: 3/4” BSP Inlet (Female) - 3/4” BSP Outlet (Female)

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  • Functional Requirements
  • Ambient Conditions
  • Inlet and Outlet Configurations
  • Markings

Functional Requirements

  • Dual Check valves are a backflow prevention device designed to protect potable water supplies from contamination.
  • It consists of two check valves assembled in series. Employing two check valves provides an additional safety: Firstly one check valve will act, even if the other is jammed wide open. Secondly the closure of one valve reduces the pressure differential across the other, allowing a more reliable seal.
  • Dual check valves are suitable for the prevention of back pressure and back siphonage, but is not suitable for high hazard applications.
  • Typical applications include meter connections and watering systems on domestic applications

Ambient Conditions

Do not install the device where it is likely to be subjected to extreme heat i.e about 60 deg C

Inlet and Outlet Configurations

3/4” BSP / NPT thread Female(AS1722)
3/4" BSP / NPT thread Female (AS1722)


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