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WaterMe Wireless Irrigation Controller

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  • Functional Requirements
  • Features
  • Input Capabilities
  • Electrical Specification

Functional Requirements

  • Australian made and designed.
  • Monitor and control your irrigation system from anywhere in the world with the WaterMe. WaterMe will allow you to manage and control up to 10 programmable zones and schedules, view statistical flow data in real time and shutdown your irrigation system remotely in the event of a leak. WaterMe takes water management to the next level with the included 1" Flow Sensor to mange your water usage, record flow rate data and detects leaks.
  • WaterMe is adaptable to actual weather condition and will automatically adjust watering schedules based on local weather events, saving you money in winter and your plants in summer.
  • For more information on product features and documentation please visit the waterme website.


  • Remote access via mobile app or computer (internet connection required)
  • 10 independent schedules
  • Permanent program memory
  • Photo Capture to identify Zones
  • Push notification sent to smart phone in case of leak or flow rate out of specification
  • Programmable master valve delay time
  • Programmable mist cycle
  • Included flow sensor 1" BSP (measuring range 2-100 LPM)
  • Local weather synchronization automatically alters watering schedules

Input Capabilities

  • 1 x Master Valve
  • 10 x Solenoid Valves
  • 3 x Flow Sensor (1 Included)
  • Rain Sensor
  • Moisture Sensor
  • Apple and Android mobile platform capable
  • Electrical Specification

    • Transformer input 24VAC, 50 Hz
    • Transformer output 24VDC 1.5 Ams
    • Maximum valve current 24VAC at 1.0 AMP